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A fully web-based solution for digital image storage and management.

The Quinlan Companies is equipped to handle all levels of conversion projects. From small "scan on demand" projects to long term conversion projects where scanning millions of records are required.

  • On-demand scanning allows you to digitize only the records you need, when you need them – on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.
  • Full-scanning services. Take advantage of prompt, safe and secure scanning of your medical records either at your facility, or we can take the records to our facility to complete the conversion.
  • Digital storage services allow you to store your digital medical record library in our customized private cloud solution, for a low monthly cost.
  • QuinlanVault® client portal allows for easy, secure requests for medical records to be scanned and accessed via the Internet for simplified workflow and speed of delivery. And it meets HIPAA requirements!

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To view the QuinlanVault tutorial, please click here [pdf file].